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2019 Grand National Champions 

IMG_1154 2.jpg

2019 Diva Division

Best Junior 

Dance Studio

2019 Best Senior Choreography

"Run Boy Run"  

Choreography By: Greg Sinacori

Rehearsal Director: Joelle Messina

1st Overall Highest Scoring

Teen Group - Diva Division


Best Young Dancer 

1st Overall 

Broadway Star Winner

Madison Spelman

Choreographer: Fallon White

Best Junior Duet/Trio 

1st Overall "Move" 

Gianna, Gisella & Madison 

Choreographer: Fallon White 


Best Young Dance Group

1st Overall "Dots" 

Choreographer: Lu Caudra

Additional Congratulations Extended To

Ms. Joelle Messina on her choreography nominations for "Rotten To The Core" & "Bottom Of The River"

and to Miss Nicole Garofano on her choreography nomination for "Im Every Woman"

Diva Division - Platinum Placement 

"Grown" Madison Spelman - 1st Overall 
"Who You Are" - Isabella Rosa - 3rd Overall 
"Turning Page" - Gianna Scuteri - 3rd Overall 
"Dots" - Junior Company - 1st Overall 
"Panic Attack" - Gianna, Emma & Taylor - 3rd Overall 
"Watch Out For This" - Repertory Company - 2nd Overall 
"Rotten To The Core" - Junior Company - 2nd Overall 
"Big Bad Wolf" - Danceworks & Repertory Co's - 4th Overall 
"Friday" - Danceworks Company - 2nd Overall 
"Little Red" -Small Fry Company - 3rd Overall 
"Move" Gianna, Gisella & Madison - 1st Overall 
"Forever Young" - Junior Company - 2nd Overall 
"Bottom Of The River" - Danceworks Company - 2nd Overall 
"Run Boy Run" - Danceworks & Repertory Co's - 1st Overall 
"North" - Danceworks Company - 4th Overall 
"Im Every Woman" - All Companies - 2nd Overall 

Diva Division - High Gold Placement

"You Say" - Miranda Sparacino - 5th Overall 
"Show Off" - Sofia Smollar - 2nd Overall
"Crazy Little Thing - Abigail Wierzbowski 
"Let's Get Loud"- Daniella DeMarco - 6th Overall 
"I Just Want To Be Happy" - Delilah Lucarelli - 4th Overall
"Respect" - Gisella Ruggiero - 2nd Overall 
"How Sweet It Is" - Olivia Michelangelo - 8th Overall 
"I Gotcha" - Emma Stile - 6th Overall 
"You've Got What It Takes" - Alessia Giura 
"Mamma Knows Best" - Sabrina Soto 
"Never Saw Blue Like That" - Amethyst Michelangelo 
"She Use To Be Mine" - Emma Smollar - 7th Overall 
"One Moment In Time" - Emma Stile 
"Gravity" - Taylor Spelman - 7th Overall 
"I Have Nothing" - Alyssa Zicolello 
"Burden Down" - Miranda Sparacino - 7th Overall 
"My Strongest Suit"- Daniella - Sofia & Olivia - 4th Overall
"Not About Angels" - Repertory Company - 4th Overall  
"To Make You Feel My Love" - Dara & Miranda 
"Finesse" -Bella, Sabrina & Serena - 3rd Overall 
"California Girls" - Small Fry Company - 4th Overall 
"Shine On" - Danceworks & Repertory Companies 
"Little Numbers" - Junior Company - 4th Overall 
Diva Division - Gold Placements 
"Birthday" - Gianna DeMarco - 4th Overall 
"Love" - Isabella Gentile 
"I Can't Do It Alone" - Amanda & Bianca - 5th Overall 
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