Congratulations Team,

On an outstanding job at Access Broadway! 

Special Congratulations to our 

Broadway Stars (1st Overalls)

Best Young Dancer 7-8 / Madison S. 

Best Junior Dancer 9-10 / Gisella R. 

Best Junior Dancer 11-12 / Isabella R. 

Best Teen Duet/Trio 13-14 / Gianna, Emma & Taylor 

Best Young Group 7-8 / Junior Company "Forever Young"

Extended Congratulations to 

Mr. Lu Caudra for his choreography nomination

for the Junior Hip Hop "Dots" 

& To Ms. Dee Delgado on her choreography nomination for the DW Co Hip Hop "Friday"

Gold Placement

High Gold Placement

Platinum Placement

Alessia G (solo)
Gianna D (solo)
5th overall 7-8
Abby W (solo)
Daniella D (solo)
4th overall 9-10 
Delilah L (solo)
4th overall 9-10
Olivia M (solo) 
3rd overall 9-10
Amethyst M (solo) 
"I Can't Do It Alone" Duet
Small Fry Co "Little Red" 
Sabrina S (solo) 
Junior Co "Little Numbers"
4th overall 7-8 
Junior Co "Dots"
3rd overall 7-8  
Sofia S (solo)
3rd overall 7-8  
Isabella G (solo)
2nd overall 9-10 
Junior Co "Rotten To The Core"
2nd overall 7-8 
Junior Co "Forever Young" 
1st overall 7-8 
Emma Sm. (solo)
6th overall 11-12
"Finesse" Trio 
4th overall 7-8
All Companies "Im Every Woman"
3rd overall 9-12
Rep & DW Co's "Big Bad Wolf"
DW Co "Friday"
4th overall 13-15 
DW Co "North"
Repertory Co "Watch Out For This"
4th overall 9-12
Repertory Co "Not About Angels"
3rd overall 9-12 
"My Strongest Suit" Trio
5th overall 9-10 
Rep & DW Co's "Shine" 
Small Fry Co "California Girls" 
Miranda S (solo) 
3rd overall 17-19
Madison S (solo) 
1st overall 7-8
Gisella R (solo)  
1st overall 9-10
Emma St. (jazz solo)
3rd overall 13-14 (jazz category) 
Isabella R. (solo) 
1st overall 11-12
Emma St. (lyrical solo)
4th over all 13-14 
"Move" Trio 
2nd Overall 7-8 
Gianna S (solo) 
2nd overall 13-14
Taylor S (solo) 
3rd overall 13 - 14 
Rep & DW Co's "Run Boy Run"
4th overall 13 - 15
DW Co "Bottom Of The River"
4th overall 13 - 15 
"Panic Attack" Trio
1st overall 13 - 14
"To Make You Feel My Love" Duet
6th overall 15-19