We are a uniform studio.

Street clothes are not allowed for class at anytime. All dance wear & dance shoes must be purchased through

the studio. Students are expected to be in proper

uniform at all times.

Parents must leave a valid email address on file

& check their email on a weekly basis for updates.

All Clients must leave a credit card on file. If bills are not satisfied by the end of the month, your card will be automatically charged. You'll also have the option to 

sign up for automatic debit. 

All clients must review and sign our studio contract

at the time of registration. Stating, they understand their obligation & financial responsibility.

The studio opens 20 mins prior to the first class time daily. We have a small reception area which you are welcome to occupy during your child's class. Students should be picked up no later than 10 minutes after class has concluded.

Please, be sure to send your children in their uniforms

with the necessary dance shoes to all classes. Hair must

be worn up and away from their faces. Remember to send them with water or $1 to purchase

water at the studio.