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2022 - 2023
Recreational Class Rates 

Registration Fee:
$25 per student / $40 per family  
Class Rates:
Dance With Me $70 
Pre Ballet Classes $80
All Other Classes:
1 Class Per Week /  $90 per Month
2 Classes Per Week / $150 per Month

*Best Value, Less Than $15 per class! 
Tuition Payments are due on the following dates:

#1-September 12th 2022
#2-October 3rd 2022 
#3-October 31st 2022 
#4-November 28th 2022 
#5-January 2nd 2023 
#6-January 30th 2023
#7-February 27th 2023
#8-March 27th 2023 
#9-April 24th 2023

#10-May 22nd 2023 

All classes meet on a weekly basis. 

If you miss a class, you may take any other

age/level appropriate class offered in our current

schedule as a make up.

You will not be credited or refunded for

classes missed. Classes are non 
transferable between students or

dance semesters.

Classes cancelled due to inclement weather or 

any other unforeseen circumstance

will be made up at the discretion

of the director in person or via zoom. 

Please Note: 
Our Monthly installments are based upon the total cost of our 40 - week program.
(September 2022 - June 2023)
You do not pay 
more or less based
on how many weeks are in the month.

Major holiday have been omitted from our pay schedule & any singular day holiday closings
(ie: Thanksgiving or Memorial Day)
will be made up before the end of the semester.

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